Founded in 2012, the society has made it’s name in the photography and film circuit. With members getting selected for one to one sessions with famous names in the biz to working for leading soft-drink brands. The society has always displayed it’s passion to this beautiful world of memories. Photography means drawing with light, and we make sure we do it just like how Picasso did but always with a twist.
The society has won numerous prizes in the field of photography, came in the top 30 at India Film Project which had over 640 participants competing, made an advertisement for Himalayan, The packaged drinking water.

We as a society have always looked forward to not only learning but teaching too. With members learning from the top names in the photography circuit after rigorous selection procedure to members getting hired for work with brands such as Thumbs Up.

Our aim for the future remains the same, i.e., to show the world the true meaning of photography and create an interest for them which they can always cherish. We wish to see even greater creative talent in the coming years with innovative ideas and techniques that will change the whole dimension of photography.

We are proud to be a part of this prestigious institute, we are thankful to the ones who made the establishment of this society possible, gratitude from the ones who have been a part and the ones who’ll be in the future



Here is the list of achievements bagged by members of Focus in the session 2015-2016.

1. Swati Kankan: 1st and Aman Agarwal: 3rd at Photography Competition themed Shades of Grey at Daulat Ram College.
2. Ankit Saraf: 1st position at Photography Competition themed winter at Gargi College.
3. Mayank Sinha: 4th position at Photography Competition themed nature at Ramjas College.
4. Aman Agarwal: Best photographer at Ramjas MUN
5. Pratyush Sharmah got selected to work under the mentorship of Amit Ashar.
6. Pratyush Sharmah: 1st and Ashwin Immanuel: 4th Position at Photography Competition themed Long Exposure at Ramanujan College.
7. Photo essays from Focus were selected and Exhibited at Lady Shri Ram College.
8. Priya Singh bagged second position at Photography Competition themed Life at Ramjas.
9. Ankit Saraf and Chiranjeev Mundhra: 2nd Position at photo essay competition at Ramjas.
10. Ankit Saraf: 1st Position  at Photography Competition themed sky at Lady Shri Ram College.

1. Top 30 teams out of 620 teams which participated at India Film Project’s 50 hour Movie making competition – The movie’s name was Kathputli. Last year the rank was in 120’s.
2. They made an advertisement for Himalayan: The natural Mineral Water.
3. Priya Singh participated at a video making competition organised by Artists At Work (AAW) and her video was among top 20 videos.
4. Team also made college’s virtual tour.
5. Pulkit Taneja got a chance to work with Thumbs Up team.
6. Kathputli and Priya Singh’s: A Cobbler’s Sole bagged jury appreciations.
7. Amisha Singh and Tanish Jain got a break with Quick Reaction Team, India’s fastest growing YouTube Channel.

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WC (2)

Wordcraft is a bilingual literary society, known for its unique and innovative events. Our goal is to create a space where all members are encouraged to hone their writing skills and expand their knowledge of and interest in literature.

Wordsmith is Wordcraft’s annual festival, the aim of which is to inspire innovative forms of creative expression, as well as to put literary knowledge in university students to good use. Beginning in 2012, the festival was touted as one of the most successful literary festivals of Delhi University in 2014.

In October 2015, we hosted a two day long festival with ten events taking place, including Ramjas’ first ever poetry slam, welcoming over 450 participants. As part of Wordsmith, we hosted the following events: मेरी कल्पना (Creative Writing), कहानी बुनो (Team Fiction), आमंत्रण, काव्य पाठ (Poetry Slam), Creative Writing, Marvel Civil War: Quiz and Battle, Literary Triathlon, APM Poetry Workshop, Literally: A Quiz, Milestones: Poetry Slam.

In February 2016, we organized Meraki, the first creative collaboration between Focus, Melange, and Wordcraft. Meraki (n.) the soul, creativity, or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your work. All three societies organized a variety of events on the 2nd and 3rd of March to foster a festive environment within the college while celebrating the creativity of the individual spirit. Wordcraft conducted the following events as part of the same: ज़ाहिर, कलमनामा, and Grave Intentions (a literary deduction event based on the poetry of Robert Browning).

This academic year, we also organized two literary workshops. Wordcraft, in association with Campus Diaries held a workshop on Narrative Journalism by Shahnaz Bashir, and a workshop on Confessional Writing in Prose and Poetry, by Saumya Kulshreshtha (Poet’s Collective/Kaafiya-The Poetry Festival).

We also renewed our blog this year to reach a wider audience by shifting to the micro-blogging platform Tumblr. It is regularly updated with the poems and stories of society members. Our blog is an amalgamation of thoughts put together by the members, in the way they see the world. These pieces are raw and fleeting as they are in real life. They encompass all these moments in the only way they know how – through words.



  • Quilluminati Poetry Slam – First (Gargi College)- Priya Poddar
  • Couch Potato-TV Show Quiz- Second (Delhi School Economics)- Sneha Gohri
  • Parag- Kaavya Path-First (JDMC)- Priyanshi Sachan
  • Eat Pray Slam- First (IITD)- Priya Poddar
  • Slammed Special Mention- First (DCAC)- Priya Poddar
  • On the spot scriptwriting- Second (JDMC)- Megha Jain & Ayushmaan Singh
  • Creative Writing- Third (JDMC)- Mukul Mishra
  • Creative writing- Second (SRCC) – Deepali Jangra
  • Slogan Writing- Third (Central Vigilance Commission of India)- Megha Jain
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Annual Productions of Shunya 2015-16

1. The Sea-Side Story (English staged play)
2. Kaachu (Street play)
3. Deluxe Hair cutting Saloon (Hindi staged play)

Achievements and Performances

The Sea-Side Story
Directed by Aliza Bakht and Ratan Sambhav
1. Ateliers ACT Festival at Akshara Theatre

Directed by Noel Sengupta, Sakhi Upadhyaya, Utsha Sarkar
1. Flush Mob
2. Enactus Society Fest
3. Mukhatib- The Annual Street Play Fest of Ramjas
4. Jamia
6. NIT Kurukshetra – 3rd prize
7. NSD Bharat Rang Mahotsav
8. Public Performance in Kamla Nagar for Manthan’16
9. Zakir Husain
10. Maitreyi College fest
11. UCMS
12. Ramanujan College – Best Actor Navdeep Maggu
13. SGTB Khalsa College
14. Motilal Nehru College – Best Play and Play Actor to Navdeep Maggu
15. Public Performance in Defence Colony for Daulat Ram College
16. Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology

Deluxe Hair Cutting Saloon
1. Sahitya Kala Parishad- Public performance at Shri Ram Centre
2. Shivaji College
3. LSR
4. Old World 2 public performances at Indian Habitat Centre
5. Gargi College (Best Play, Best Directors, Best Ensemble Cast)
6. Stephens Colleeg (Best Production, Best Actor Male and Special Mention)
7. SGTB Khalsa College
8. Hansraj College (Best Direction)
9. Shaheed Bhagat Singh Evening
10. IP Theatre Festival: Kirdaar
11. Dault Ram College (Best Play and Best Direction)
12. College of Business Studies (Raasa)

Safar- The Journey (100 Years of Ramjas)
Directed by Disha Sukhija
Assistant Director: Jayesh Jaidka


Shunya Highlights 2015-16

  • A five day Technical Workshop (Lights and Sounds) were conducted for Shunya members by Neel Chaudhary and Anuj Chopra in Safdar Studio, Shadipur in the month of July.
  • A physical theatre workshop conducted by Keshav Moodliar
  • Mukhatib’2016, the annual Street Play festival of Shunya was conducted on 4th March, 2016. Mukhatib was for the cause of education, paying a tribute to Rai Kedar Nath Ji and Ibrahim Alkazi.
  • Hurdang 2016, the annual festival of Shunya was celebrated as a part of the College Centennial. The four plays were performed at the Shri Ram Centre on 4th April.


Office Bearers for Academic Session 2015-16:

President: Disha Sukhija
Treasurer: Mansimran Narang
Vice President: Jayesh Jaidka
Co-treasurer: Supratik Das

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Overview over section 377 of IPC

By Akanksha Prakash Sharma, second year, Hindi Hons.

Aligarh: A movie which invoked me today late night to turn the pages of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code which states:
“Unnatural offences: Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal shall be punished with imprisonment for life, or with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years, and shall also be liable to fine.”

In the above article, the only agreeable part would be criminalizing sex with animals as that is clearly a case of animal cruelty. Apart from that, there seems no logical basis for retaining this draconian law, one that was established in the 1800s, and whose time in the pages of the legal books of the world’s largest democracy should have been over by now.

The arguments for retaining the law are flimsy. It was the challenge by several religious groups that led to the overturning of the 2009 Delhi High Court ruling which deemed the article “unconstitutional” and decriminalized homosexuality. If consensual sex is hurting religious sentiments and if everything that hurts religious sentiments is to be criminalized, shouldn’t inter-religious marriage be illegal? (I hope I’m not giving the legislatures any ideas here) I don’t think inter-religious marriages particularly excite people from either of the religions involved. Then why are the children of such unions provided benefits and special rights instead of the parents being fined or jailed?

Then there’s the matter of homosexuality being unnatural. Well so are in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination and surrogacy. Are they illegal? And if we were to make them illegal, would we then be able to honestly call ourselves a democracy? Free and fair elections every five years alone do not make us a democracy. And while our constitution is to be respected and followed, there are times when the spirit of the Law is to be followed rather than the letter. If the Constitution upholds equality, which means every citizen of the country is equal. If he chooses to be a Muslim or Hindu or Christian, the law has to treat him the same because religious belief is a fundamental human right and one cannot be discriminated on the basis of one’s choice of religion. What the religious factions do not understand, and what the apex court of our nation seems not to understand, is that sexuality is as much a fundamental human right and harassing or punishing someone on account of their sexuality is also a grave infringement on the right to equality (The question of whether sexuality is a choice or not is a debatable one, as well because no one remembers choosing to be straight).

If our nation is to pride itself on being the greatest and not just the largest democracy, it cannot compromise on guaranteeing equality and the fight for gay rights. These are as vital as the ousting of other societal evils like dowry, rape, child labour. The protection of the minority LGBT community is as important as guarding the rights of the several other minorities that constitute our nation.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed on the Supreme Court actual hearing and responding to the curative petitions with the spirit of the constitution in mind.

Note: The Supreme Court maintained its status quo on the Act 377.

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By Nitin Singhal, 3rd year, BA Prog.

They towed my body to the riverside,
The river that bleeds red;
I shouted, “I am alive,
Don’t leave me with the dead”.

No one heard my cry,
Maybe they could not hear.
A ‘lifeless’ body is speaking,
Maybe, this is what they fear.
My heart ceased to pump,
My head did not respond,
I was losing my eternity-
My love, my nation, my bond.

Seeing my brothers around,
In the same ‘dead’state;
I long for the security,
Of my nation’s fate.
We are leaving our nation,
With pain and guilt at heart;
We have to go, O Countrymen!
Don’t far for a fresh start.
A tormenting separation,
From my nation I had,
My Pride is in your hands,
Oh! Citizens of my land.
Take care of my love,
And its people all alive;
I am bidding farewell,
A goodbye-from a “lifeless” life.

Featured Image Source: http://s3.india.com/

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आशीष कुमार, 3rd year, Hindi Hons.


सब, बदल जाता है

आज इस दौर में,
देखते ही देखते वक्त बदल जाता है,
वक्त को बदलते देखकर,
यहाँ, हर शख्स बदल जाता है

वक्त का बदलना तो आम बात है,
यहाँ, रक्त बदल जाता है

जीवन के एक मोड़ पर,
व्यक्ति का धर्म बदल जाता है,
इच्छाओं के आगे धर्म क्या चीज़ है,
यहाँ व्यक्ति का ईमान बदल जाता है

बदल जाते हैं पुराने रिश्ते,
टूट जाती है पुरानी कडियाँ,
क्योंकि यहाँ,
सब, बदल जाता हैं।

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